Larry Berenguel • Valentine's Evening Dinner • 02-14-08
White Oak Vineyard & Winery
It was a very cold evening when I arrived. As I stepped out of the van, the air was filled
with the aroma of deliciously prepared food. I felt comfortable and at home. The dining
room was very spacious. I didn't need to add any reverb to my effects.

Dinner guest were slowly pouring in and began to sample the various wines and
appetizers. I was running a little late but managed to get started on schedule at 7:00pm.
The audience was receptive. To my surprise, some began to dance. Then I
remembered, it was a Valentine's dinner.
people I recognized. I received quite a few good compliments from the owners and
I look forward to playing there again, especially during warm
something special about drinking fine wine, Iowa's rolling
scenery, green grass, fine food and playing music. It is all very
relaxing and soothing. Just like a great recipe, all these are
essential ingredients, natural and elemental for living a
harmonious and "rich" life.

I've learned that if you live in Iowa, you endure the cold winters
and live like there's no tomorrow during the warm seasons.