~ Celebrate Final Night of Wednesday Night Acoustic Jam ~
12-28-05 marks the last and final night of the Wednesday Night
Acoustic Open Jam at the Hull Avenue Tavern. Come help me
celebrate three successful years of hosting and performing at the
Hull Ave Tavern. I want to thank all the excellent musicians who
have come out and shared their talents with everyone.
Note: Beginning in January 2006 the owners are trying out another rock jam for
Wednesday evening.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year!

Diane & Greg Schmidt
Congratulations to Diane & Greg Schmidt who got married last
Saturday, Nov 12th! Best wishes for a long and happy marriage!
Big thanks to all Ben Jammin, Kyle Patten, Use Of Time and Rick
Dressler for helping with the celebration.

"It's Finally Going to AIR! The Hull Avenue Tavern Jam will debut on
Mediacom cable channel 15 on October 31st & November 7th. The
Hull Jams immediately follows my new show "TeleVision Treats"
airing at 10:30pm Monday evening. Please note that "TeleVision
Treats" only runs 14 minutes, so the Jams will start at 10:44pm. But
I recommend tuning in early to catch the music videos in
"TeleVision Treats" first episode. To recap, Hull Avenue Jams are
on cable channel 15 at 10:44 pm on 10/31 & 11/7/05. Enjoy!
Sincerely, Tony Clark".
The preceding was an email I received from
Tony Clark on 10-26-05. Mark it on your calendars!

Chris' Cancelled
The owner (Tracy) has suffered a stroke. Land Shark's
performance dates for October 21 & 22 have been cancelled. We
hope and pray that Tracy has a speedy recovery.

Spanish Anyone?
I stumbled on this blog. Turns out it was Sergio's birthday
celebration at Saylorville Lake. It has pictures!

Update 10/04/05
The acoustic jam is on Wednesday, October 5th, 8pm-12am.

Hull Ave Tavern - Open For Business
The floors are shiny and there are lots of neon lights. There is a
new jukebox. The tables and chairs are black lacquer. The acoustic
jam is scheduled to begin on October 12th but there is a good
chance that it will start on October 5th. Stay tuned!

Back To The Hull In October
One of the new owners called me up on 9-8-05 and assured me
that the Wednesday Night Jams will continue in October (after the
remodeling process).

No Wednesday Night Jam - Hull Ave Tavern Closed
There were rumours that it has been sold. Reliable sources told me
that performers arrived on Friday evening only to find that the
doors have closed and a sign saying "closed for renovation until
late September".

The 3 piece acoustic project has sprouted roots and is officially
dubbed as Homegrown. We have played at a private party up in
Kelly, IA and was the opening act for JiMi PiG. Our last performance
last Friday night (8-12-05) celebrating Dan's birthday party at Joel's
home in Kelly, IA was "AWESOME!". Part of the "magic" that
evening was the combination of the cool night air, bright half moon,
hot chili soup, tequila and beer! We were very relaxed about
playing that we cut shot into "jam mode level". I hope we continue to
play at this level. Here is the cast and crew:
• Dan Jones (vocals/acoustic guiar/mandolin)
• Buz Wiley (acoustic bass, acoustic bass guitar)
• Larry Berenguel (vocals/acoustic guitar).

3 Piece Acoustic Project
I've agreed to join Dan Jone's project to put together a three piece
acoustic ensemble. Starting rehearsals on June 7, 2005 with plans
to debut in October or sooner if rehearsals go well. Stay tuned for
more updates.

I've posted a few video's of the performers. The
videos are only 15
seconds and they're exciting!

Land Sharks Band
In February, I've been asked to sit in on a few gigs with the Land
Sharks Band. See the schedule for dates and location.
02-07-05 update: I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the Land
Sharks Band and I've been asked to continue playing with them for
the March and April performances.

  • I'm still working on my CD.
  • For those  that can't make it to Wednesday nights at the Hull,
    check out Orlondo's and Bourbon Street.

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